FIBA has recently announced a number of rule changes and has released a revised copy of the Official Basketball Rules 2018, along with some accompanying documents to support the new rules.  You can find the new information that has been released internationally below or at THIS LINK.  File #3 is a 5 page summary of the changes.
  1. CABO-CBOC Memo_New FIBA Rules_Update_Aug. 29-18
  2. 2018 Official Basketball Rules
  3. 2018 Official Basketball Rules – Changes effective as of October 1, 2018
  4. 2018 Official Basketball Rules – Basketball Equipment
  5. 2018 Official Basketball Rules – Official Interpretations
  6. CABO-CBOC Memo – Undergarments + Accessories_Revised Aug. 29-18
As you know we have all been working to create a better alignment for our game in Canada and two of those aspects are the FIBA rules and officiating.  The Canadian Basketball Officials Commission (CBOC) has worked with CABO to ensure the message across the country is consistent for all coaches and officials moving forward.  We trust that the attached information will serve as a great help in this regard.

More information will be shared and questions / interpretations will be discussed at the MABO clinics scheduled for this fall.

Please note that all rule changes come effective October 1, 2018 and no time sooner.  


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