Wink's contributions to Canadian basketball in general, and British Columbia basketball in particular, were enormous. A member for many years of the executive committee of the International Association of Approved Basketball Officials (IAABO), Wink was one of the founding members of CABO in 1974 and represented British Columbia as its Interpreter until his death in August of 1982. Wink was the first recipient (posthumously) of CABO’s Ted Earley award in 1984, and was inducted into the Canadian Basketball Hall of Fame in 1994.


In any given year, there may be only one candidate selected for a Willox Award from each province. Criteria, which have been established for the Willox Award, are as follows:
  1. Good floor official by local standard;
  2. Significant length of service to the basketball community;
  3. Various forms of service to basketball organizations;
  4. Contributions to basketball in an administrative role.
CABO Wink Willox Award - Manitoba Recipients 

  • 1984 - Russ Ronney
  • 1986 - Bill Moore
  • 1989 - Rod Peppler
  • 1999 - Ken Epp
  • 2001 - Wes Crymble
  • 2002 - Bruce Fricker
  • 2009 - Dave Morphy
  • 2014 - Rick Degagne
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