On Saturday, June 26th, at MABO's Annual General Meeting that was hosted virtually, the following people were elected to the Manitoba Association of Basketball Officials Board of Directors for two-year terms each (unless noted).

  • President:  Wyatt Anders
  • Vice President:  Matthew Rosgen
  • Provincial Supervisor: Mike Maryk
  • Director of Clinics:  Larry Hayes (1 yr term)
  • Provincial Interpreter:  Darren Patkau 
  • Director of Evaluations: Ron Guinto (1 yr term)
 (pictured left to right, top to bottom)

Congratulations to all!

MABO would like to thank the outgoing members of the Board for their dedicated service to the organization.  Departing the Board is Stacy Hawash (President), Jim Boyd (Vice President), Martha Bradbury (Provincial Interpreter) and Glenn Matsumoto (Director of Clinics).  Thank you for your dedication and service to the Association and the growth of basketball officiating in Manitoba during your tenure.


Two special presentations were made at the AGM with Lifetime Memberships into the association being presented to Wes Crymble and Dave Morphy (pictured above).  Both nominations were supported by the Executive Committee of the Board.

Wes Crymble.  Wes has been a lifelong member of this organization.  He has been a role model with a calm and forceful demeanour on the court.  He provided a great deal of mentorship to younger officials through many clinics, evaluations and as a partner on the floor.  He has refereed at all levels of basketball in Canada, including CIAU championships and has been a wonderful contributor to MABO. After he retired from on-floor officiating, he continued his very active involvement as a board member and assignor.  He served on the MABO board for many years since the 1970s. 

Dave Morphy.  Dave has been an official since the early 1970s and has officiated games at every level in Canada including national CIAU championships.  In 1981, he moved to Manitoba from Calgary and became very involved in MABO and has been an official, an administrator and an assignor.  He served as the President of MABO and has been an assignor in the South-Central conference for a number of years.  Dave has in a calm manner and has been a wonderful mentor for many people within the organization.  He deservedly is presented with this special recognition for his lifetime contribution to MABO and basketball officiating in Manitoba.  

Both nominations received unanimous support from the membership at the AGM



The entire basketball community across the country is mourning the loss of Warren Ponscak. Warren was an incredible official, mentor and friend.  Although not from Manitoba, he had a positive impact on a number of MABO members over the years.  He would always make time to help develop officials. Our thoughts are with his wife Deb, his daughters Shae, Jess, and Nicole and the Saskatchewan basketball officials.

More about Warren can be read in his obituary.  

MABO Executive

FINAL AGM REMINDER: If you currently are not a MABO member and wish to attend the AGM and vote, please complete the following 2 steps to complete your registration by Thursday, June 24 at 4:30 pm.

  1. MABO Membership - Friend of MABO - LINK
    1. Register with Option #3 "Friend of MABO". If you had already registered as this or for a virtual MABO clinic hosted in the fall of 2020, there is no need to re-register again.
  2. AGM Registration - see below or register for the AGM at this LINK
    1. Deadline to register for the AGM is Thursday, June 24 at 4:30 pm.

Also a reminder to all MABO delegates to read through the AGM Package as there will be voting on the Bylaw amendments and Executive elections that can be found below or HERE.

MABO Executive Board Names Received to Date:

  • President: Wyatt Anders
  • Vice President: Don Feaver, Mike Nazar, Matthew Rosgen, 
  • Provincial Interpreter: Darren Patkau
  • Provincial Supervisor: Mike Maryk
  • Director of Clinics (1 yr. term): Larry Hayes
If you would like to run as an Officer on the MABO Board of Directors, or if you would like to nominate anyone for the above positions, please contact Andy Russo (andyrusso007@hotmail.com) or Don Boddy    (thebodmb@hotmail.com).

Date: Saturday, June 26, 2021

Time: 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Location: Virtual Meeting via Zoom

Deadline to register is Thursday, June 24 at 4:30 pm

I. Election of MABO Officers: The positions open for nomination and election on the MABO Board for 2021-21 are President, Vice-President, Provincial Supervisor, and Provincial Interpreter, and Director of Clinics (1 year term). All of the other positions are a two-year term.

If you would like to run as an Officer on the MABO Board of Directors, or if you would like to nominate anyone for the above positions, please contact Andy Russo (andyrusso007@hotmail.com) or Don Boddy    (thebodmb@hotmail.com).  Duties are listed below.

The MABO Executive election:
  • President: 
  • Vice President: 
  • Provincial Interpreter: 
  • Provincial Supervisor: 
  • Director of Clinics – 1 Year Term
II. Members and Voting Privileges: All 2019-2020 and registered 2020-2021 members of MABO are invited to attend the Annual General Meeting. All 2020-21 registered members are entitled to one (1) vote each. A Voting Member may not vote by proxy.

III. Quorum: Attendance by 10% of the Members at the Annual General Meeting is a quorum.

(Detailed Agenda of meeting to follow) 

Please make every effort to attend!

The Manitoba Association of Basketball Officials, in accordance with its Bylaws, will be electing several executive positions at its 2021 Annual General Meeting.  The duties of these Officers of the Association are currently as follows: 

7.3.1 The President:
  • Supervises the affairs of the Board,
  • When present, chairs all meetings of the Association, the Board and the Executive Committee;
  • Is an ex officio member of all Committees, except the Nominating Committee;
  • Acts as the spokesperson for the Association;
  • Shall serve as the liaison from MABO to the Basketball Manitoba Board of Directors.
  • Chairs the Executive Committee;
  • Sets the agenda for all meetings of the board and executive,
  • Represents MABO and attends the NBO President’s meetings, and
  • Carries out other duties assigned by the Board.
7.3.2 The Vice President:
  • Presides at meetings in the President’s absence. If the Vice-President is absent, the Directors elect a Chairperson for the meeting.
  • Replaces the President at various functions when asked to do so by the President or the Board;
  • Shall act as a member of all committees.
  • Is a member of the Executive Committee;
  • Carries out other duties assigned by the Board; and
  • Chairs the Recruitment and Retention Committee and Bylaws committee
7.3.3 Provincial Supervisor:
  • Shall make assignments for Basketball Manitoba and MHSAA provincial tournaments.
  • Shall make recommendations for all provincial and national tournament assignments, which will be approved in principle by the Executive Committee.
  • Shall assign tournament Assignors/Evaluators for all provincial tournaments, where applicable.
  • To facilitate the process for national (non-USport) assignments. Is a member of the Executive Committee; Carries out other duties assigned by the Board.
  • Compiles and organizes Provincial applications in order to facilitate a selection committee meeting with MABO assignors
  • Shall, in collaboration with MABO assignors, work to identify High Performance Pathway candidates
  • Receive and respond to requests for officials in areas of Manitoba with no MABO representation (predominantly Northern Manitoba)
  • Shall assign or reallocate to assign tournaments where no other assignor currently holds responsibility (Prep, Club)
7.3.4 Provincial Interpreter:
  • Shall be responsible for organizing the content for the annual provincial clinics in conjunction with the NBO
  • Shall provide questions for the annual NBO FIBA Rules Exam, as requested, and vet the completed exam for accuracy prior to release to the national membership
  • Shall provide support to the NBO for MB membership exam issues (i.e. incorrect levels, unregistered members, etc.)        
  • Shall summarize and share exam completion details with the MABO Executive and Assignors both weekly and final exam completion rates, combining with NOCP level to ensure passing grades for all members.
  • Shall provide the membership with NBO bulletins regarding rule interpretations and liaise with webmaster to ensure web blasts are done in a timely manner.
  • Shall provide rule interpretations when requested by the MB basketball community (includes MABO members and non-MABO members) and liaise with the National Educator for anything not included or clear in the official rulebook or interpretations for clarification.
  • Is a member of the Executive Committee; and
  • Carries out other duties assigned by the Board.
7.3.7 Director of Clinics: 
  • Shall appoint, with Board approval, and instruct staff of Provincial Clinicians to conduct MABO  sanctioned clinics throughout Manitoba. 
  • Shall be responsible for the planning and development of clinics at all levels and shall consult  with the Provincial Interpreter in this regard. 
  • Is a member of the Executive Committee; and 
  • Carries out other duties assigned by the Board. 


More reports will be added leading up to the meeting.  

Can't see the reports below?  CLICK HERE to view them all

Source: http://www.maboref.com

In February, Canadian Tire Corporation announced an additional $12 million commitment to Jumpstart’s Sport Relief Fund to help sport and recreation organizations build back sport and play in Canada.  

Jumpstart conducted a State of Sport study via Ipsos which revealed the pandemic has not only impacted current access to sport and play but has real long-term effects as well.  MABO and the communities it serves have experienced the impact of the pandemic first-hand.  

MABO recently received confirmation that we are amongst over 500 sport and recreation organizations nationally to be provided with grant support through the latest round of Jumpstart’s Sport Relief Fund.  We are beyond grateful to receive this news and know the positive impact it will have on sport and recreation organizations like ours, and ultimately, on kids across the country. 

With Jumpstart’s support, we’ll be able to continue to support the development of officials in Manitoba as we look at recruitment and retention of our officials as basketball continues to grow for youth across the province of Manitoba as we move through these challenging times.

We thank Canadian Tire Jumpstart for their ongoing support of basketball and the officials in Manitoba, which will ensure that sport will return stronger than ever post- pandemic.

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