The Manitoba Association of Basketball Officials is an arm of Basketball Manitoba and a branch of CABO.  They make province wide rulings and selections for provincial tournaments and are responsible for the growth, organization, and development of Manitoba basketball officials and, in partnership with Basketball Manitoba, offer a number of programs and services beneficial to basketball officiating in the province.  Funds are obtained from membership fees.


MABO is governed by a Board of Directors, consisting of 8 Officers (President, Vice President, Provincial Supervisor, Provincial Interpreter, Secretary/Treasurer, Director of Clinics, Director of Evaluations, and Director At Large) and a maximum of 12 Ex Officio Directors representing specific regions and/or associations across the province.

View our Contact section for the up to date listing of the MABO Board of Directors.

Goals & Objectives

The objectives of MABO shall be to promote and develop basketball officiating throughout Manitoba.
  1. By representing the interests of basketball officials in the province of Manitoba.
  2. By conducting regional and provincial clinics to standardize rule interpretations and mechanics.
  3. By providing and supervising written exams for the membership.
  4. By providing members an occasion to be evaluated.
  5. By maintaining a file of evaluations for provincial and national assignments.
  6. By encouraging officials to join the association.
  7. By serving as the Officials Association of Basketball Manitoba and the Manitoba High Schools Athletic Association (MHSAA).
  8. By maintaining a membership with the Canadian Association of Basketball Officials (CABO).
  9. By educating other groups interested in basketball.
  10. By negotiating rates or payment in province-wide leagues, provincial and inter-provincial games and to coordinate payments for such games.