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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is MABO?
    The Manitoba Association of Basketball Officials (MABO) is an arm of Basketball Manitoba and a branch of CABO.  They make province wide rulings and selections for provincial tournaments and are responsible for the growth, organization, and development of Manitoba basketball officials and, in partnership with Basketball Manitoba, offer a number of programs and services beneficial to basketball officiating in the province.  Funds are obtained from membership fees.

    What is CABO?
    CABO (Canadian Association of Basketball Officials) is our national association and is a branch of Canada Basketball.  It deals with rule interpretations and the appointment of officials to national and international tournaments.  More information can be found at

    How do I join MABO?
    You can join MABO under one of three memberships: Full Membership, Associate Membership, or Junior Officials Membership.  (Please see 'MABO Bylaws' for more information)  Contact the MABO Provincial Supervisor of Officials or the Basketball Manitoba office for detailed membership requirements and guidance.

    Where do my MABO Membership fees go?
    Full MABO Membership fees are $105.00.  Membership includes the following:
    • Basketball Manitoba membership ($30), which includes complete accident and liability insurance coverage for all basketball games you officiate; and administration costs at the Basketball Manitoba office.
    • CABO membership fee ($25) 
    • Canada Basketball membership fee ($5)
    • MABO membership fee ($15)
    • Annual MABO Clinic ($30)
    By paying  your annual MABO fees, you also are eligible for Provincial Tournament and National Tournament assignments and evaluations plus eligible for all High School assignments.

    How do I advance from the Junior to Senior levels?
    In order to advance from the Junior to Senior levels, you must first meet the following criteria:
    • Cannot be attending high school.
    • Must be 18 years or older.
    • In addition, the following requirements for Level 1 apply:
    • Must attend and participate in all sessions of an annual clinic conducted by a certified MABO Clinician.
    • Must write a MABO approved examination supervised by a certified MABO Clinician.
    • Must attain a minimum of 70% on the annual written MABO approved exam supervised by a certified MABO Clinician.

    What is the pay range for officials?
    Your local association will determine game fees.  Contact a Provincial Council member (or local assigner) for specific game fees.

    Do I need to attend a clinic each year?
    Yes.  Attending a clinic annually is one of the requirements to maintain your membership status and to receive any assignments within the province.

    I am looking for referees for a Junior High/Middle School tournament. Who can I contact?
    Contact the Basketball Manitoba office and they will put you in touch with the respective officials assigner within your area.

    Where can I find a list of referee assignors?
    Go to the Contact section on the main menu of this web site and search the 'Provincial Council & Assignors' section for the assignor in your area.

    What is the minimum age required to begin refereeing?
    • Junior Level 1: Beginning or new official, with no prior certification with MABO. Minimum age requirement – 15 years old, as of December 31st of the clinic year.
    • Junior Level 2: Minimum age requirement – 17 years old, as of December 31st.
    • Senior Levels 1-5: Minimum age requirement – 18 years old  

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