Q1. With 5 seconds remaining on the shot clock, A1 in his front court passes the ball for an alley-hoop to A5. The ball is missed by A5 (i.e, A5 failed to catch the ball), ball touches the ring & bounces back onto the court, after which A3 gains control of the ball in his back court. Is it a reset to 14 seconds or a back court violation?

A1. Determined by if you deem it an attempt for shot. Doubt you can confirm it was an alley oop so you would. It would be a full shot clock reset and anyone can retrieve the ball as team control ends after a shot.

Q2. OK, I was confused on the difference between a shot and a pass in determining the team control of the ball.  If the shot clock reset it means to say that there is a new team control of the ball?

A2. It isn't dictated by shot clock reset but rather than team control ends after a shot is taken. It doesn't have to hit the rim, so it may not result in a shot clock reset.

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