Q. Clarification on technical foul sanction. As per rule book:

Penalty 36.4.1. If a technical foul is committed:

  • By a player, a technical foul shall be charged against him as a player foul and shall count as one of the team fouls.
  • By team bench personnel, a technical foul shall be charged against the coach and shall not count as one of the team fouls.

36.4.2. The opponents shall be awarded 1 free throw, followed by:

  • A throw-in at the centre line extended, opposite the scorer’s table.
  • A jump ball in the centre circle to start the first period.

How is this sanction different than this one which is written differently?

1. TECHNICAL FOUL PENALTY.  The penalty for a technical foul will be one free throw with play being resumed at a point nearest where play was stopped with no change in possession of the ball.

Or are they both the same?

A. They are not both the same. The original one said ball comes back in at point of interruption. The correct rule is the ball comes in at centre opposite the scorer's table for the non-offending team.

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