Q. A4 is awarded 2 free throws to be followed by a throw-in at the centre line extended opposite the scorer's table, for the unsportsmanlike foul by B3.  The officials erroneously allow players to take positions along the free throw lane places. After the 2nd free throw which is unsuccessful, the ball is controlled by B2 on the rebound who advances the ball to their front court and scores a field goal. The error is then discovered. Is the error correctable?

A. What you outline below is not one of the correctable errors identified by FIBA.  here are the errors that are correctable:

Art. 44 Correctable errors 44.1. Definition Officials may correct an error if a rule is inadvertently disregarded in the following situations only:  

  • Awarding an unmerited free throw(s).
  • Failure to award a merited free throw(s).
  • Erroneous awarding or cancelling of a point(s). 
  • Permitting the wrong player to attempt a free throw(s).

Therefore, play will continue as outlined below with no correction to the error.

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