The criteria for Professional Development applications are...
  • Applicant must be a registered member in good standing of a Manitoba Association of Basketball Officials.
  • Professional development funding is available to all members.
  • Financial need is not a factor.
  • The completed application form must be submitted prior to the Camp/ Professional development opportunity.  No applications will be looked at post activity.
  • Include an outline or information sheet for the clinic/ PD opportunity.
All officials wishing to apply for a scholarship should fill out an application form and include all necessary documents to Matthew Rosgen - who in turn will verify the application and forward it to the MABO committee. At least one month prior to opportunity is recommended.

The criteria for reimbursement is...
  • The fully completed Claim Form must be submitted to the Secretary-Treasurer as soon as possible AFTER the conclusion of the PD activity, with the original receipts required for reimbursement attached. 
  • Please supply copies of all receipts representing the costs incurred during the PD activity. MABO reimbursement amounts will vary depending on the “Criteria for Determining the Reimbursement Amount” above.