The following explains the MABO Evaluation Process which applies to all levels.
  • An honest attempt will be made to evaluate as many officials as possible each year.  
  • The MABO Director of Evaluations appoints and instructs a staff of Provincial Evaluators who are responsible for providing written evaluations for all officials in Manitoba.  
  • All evaluation requests should be made to the Director of Evaluations.  
  • The staff of Evaluators will provide written evaluations within two weeks of the game(s) observed to the Director of Evaluations, and provide copies to the official, appropriate assignor, and MABO Provincial Supervisor.
Evaluation Forms
  1. MABO/CBOC Certification Level 1 Evaluation Form
  2. MABO/CBOC Certification Level 2 Evaluation Form
  3. MABO/CBOC Certification Level 3 Evaluation Form
Evaluation Fees
The cost of an evaluation is ONE GAME FEE, which will normally be deducted from your pay by your assignor.

Request an Evaluation

MABO Senior and Junior Members looking for an official MABO evaluation are asked to contact the MABO Director of Evaluations, to set one up.

This includes:
  1. Senior Officials (High School / College Level)
  2. Junior Officials (WMBA, Junior High, Middle School Level)

Questions on the Evaluation Process:

Ron Guinto
Director of Evaluations

When requesting an evaluation, please include your full name, current NOCP level, current assignor / conference and phone number.

Request a Copy of a Past Evaluation

If you have had an evaluation completed in the past and would like a copy of it, please email and include your full name and a PDF copy will be sent to you.

All the very best in the continuation of your development and career in officiating.