Sport Manitoba has announced it will be launching a pilot session for our ReferEASE program on Sunday, November 19, 2023 from 9:00 am - 12:00 pm in person at Sport Manitoba, 145 Pacific Ave.  

A brief description of the program - 

ReferEASE is a 3-hour training workshop for officials to explore ways in which you interact affectively with coaches, parents, and athletes. The course is aimed at empowering officials of all levels to bring the ‘ease’ back into officiating. The workshop will focus on confidence, concern and conflict and cover a variety of skills and tools including:

  • Easy tips for creating a positive first impression
  • A closer look at “the brain on sports” and why people lose their cool
  • Specific words to avoid when giving instructions… and the key phrases you can use to get things to go your way,
  • A constructive approach for deflecting verbal abuse and threats
  • Plus, proven tools that drive a positive environment of confidence for all

The session is free and can be registered for through the link provided below – do not wait as there are only 20 spots available! First come, first serve.

Please share with your officials if you feel that this training may be beneficial to them. The training is appropriate to first year, or third year officials and the facilitator strongly encourages those of all experience levels to register as it brings more insight into the interactive training. 

Register now at…

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