Workshop - Referees Fitness Training Coordinators (National Federation)

FIBA Americas will hold a series of webinars this month (May 2023) about Referees' Fitness Training with a focus on capacitating/training National Fitness Coordinators. Below is the complete schedule and registration link.  Please register yourself by clicking the following links, and fill free to share this information with your group of referees, physical trainers, physiotherapists, and doctors.

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information.

You will find more information about FIBA Workshop Referees Fitness Training in the HANDBOOK.

The workshop will be delivered by digital platform:

  • May 17th – Wednesday – 07:00 pm ET (Miami Time) – English / Spanish
    • Mrs. Ana Laura Leite Cardozo – FIBA Referee Fitness Coordinator Americas (Register)
  • May 22nd – Monday – 07:00 pm ET (Miami Time) – English / Spanish
    • Mr. Diego Grippo – Sport Doctor Specialist (Register)
  • May 24th – Wednesday – 07:00 pm ET (Miami Time) – English / Spanish
    • Mrs. Maria Vallasciani – Doctor Pediatric and Adult Clinical Dietitian (Register)
  • May 29th – Monday – 05:00 pm ET (Miami Time) – English / Spanish
    • Mr. Alejandro Vaquera – FIBA Referee Fitness Global Coordinator (Register)

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