Please be advised the MABO AGM has been moved ahead one day to Tuesday, June 27, at 7:00 pm at Sport Manitoba due to a CEBL conflict that required a change of the AGM date. MABO thanks you for your understanding.  


The Manitoba Association of Basketball Officials has announced it will be hosting its Annual General Meeting on Monday, June 26, 2023, at 7:00 pm Tuesday, June 27, 2023, at 7:00 pm at Sport Manitoba (Lower Level Conference Centre at 145 Pacific Ave) and on Zoom.  If you currently are a MABO member and wish to attend the AGM and vote, please register to attend by Thursday, June 22, at 4:30 pm.

Also, this is a reminder to all MABO delegates to read through the AGM Package, which can be found below or HERE. (Documents will be added as the meeting draws near)  

Currently, there are SIX Executive Positions up for election. Those positions are: (names will be updated up to the AGM with those who have let their names stand or who have been nominated)

  • President – Wyatt Anders
  • Vice President – Matthew Rosgen
  • Provincial Supervisor – Martha Bradbury, Jeff Mayo
  • Provincial Interpreter – Darren Patkau
  • Director of Evaluations – Ryan Wiebe
  • Secretary – Don Feaver

All positions are for a two-year term with the exception of Director of Evaluations, which will be a one-year term as Dave Morphy has decided to step down from the position.

MABO is looking for nominations from any member in good standing for any of the positions. All nominees must be current MABO members in good standing. If you want to nominate someone else or yourself, please e-mail your nomination(s) to Martha Bradbury ( and Don Boddy ( no later than Saturday, June 17, 2023. Nominations can also be made at the AGM.

Thank-you for taking the time to consider nominees who will help support basketball officials in Manitoba.

2023 MABO AGM 

Date: Monday, June 26, 2023 Tuesday, June 27, 2023

Time: 7:00 PM

Location: Sport Manitoba and Virtual via Zoom

DeadlinesNominations Saturday, June 17, 2023; Meeting RSVP Thursday, June 22, 2023 

The deadline to register is Thursday, June 22 at 4:30 pm

I. Election of MABO Officers: The positions open for nomination and election on the MABO Board for 2023-24 are President, Vice President, Provincial Supervisor, Provincial Interpreter, and Director of Evaluations, which will be a 1-year term. The other four positions are two-year terms.

II. Members and Voting Privileges: All 2022-23 members of MABO are invited to attend the Annual General Meeting. All 2022-23 registered members are entitled to one (1) vote each. A Voting Member may not vote by proxy.

III. Quorum: Attendance by 10% of the Members at the Annual General Meeting is a quorum.

(Detailed Agenda of the meeting to follow) 

Please make every effort to attend!

The Manitoba Association of Basketball Officials, in accordance with its Bylaws, will be electing several executive positions at its 2023 Annual General Meeting.  The duties of these Officers of the Association are currently as follows: 

7.3 Duties of the Officers of the Association

7.3.1 The President:
  • Supervises the affairs of the Board,
  • When present, chairs all meetings of the Association, the Board and the Executive Committee;
  • Is an ex officio member of all Committees, except the Nominating Committee;
  • Acts as the spokesperson for the Association;
  • Shall serve as the liaison from MABO to the Basketball Manitoba Board of Directors.
  • Chairs the Executive Committee;
  • Sets the agenda for all meetings of the board and executive, 
  • Represents MABO and attends the NBO President’s meetings, and
  • Carries out other duties assigned by the Board.
7.3.2 The Vice President:
  • Presides at meetings in the President’s absence. If the Vice-President is absent, the Directors elect a Chairperson for the meeting.
  • Replaces the President at various functions when asked to do so by the President or the Board;
  • Shall act as a member of all committees.
  • Is a member of the Executive Committee; 
  • Carries out other duties assigned by the Board; and
  • Chairs the Recruitment and Retention Committee.
  • Acts as a liaison to officials groups outside of Winnipeg, with the aim of creating a sense of worth and reducing the disparity between Winnipeg and outside of Winnipeg associations 
7.3.3 Provincial Supervisor:
  • Shall make assignments for Basketball Manitoba and MHSAA provincial tournaments.
  • Shall make recommendations for all provincial and national tournament assignments, which will be approved in principle by the Executive Committee.
  • Shall assign tournament Assignors/Evaluators for all provincial tournaments, where applicable.
  • To facilitate the process for national (non-USport) assignments. Is a member of the Executive Committee; and
  • Carries out other duties assigned by the Board.
7.3.4 Provincial Interpreter:
  • Shall be responsible for organizing the content for the annual provincial clinics in conjunction with the NBO
  • Shall provide the membership with NBO bulletins regarding rule interpretations.
  • Shall provide rule interpretations when requested by members.
  • Is a member of the Executive Committee; and
  • Carries out other duties assigned by the Board.
7.3.5         The Secretary:
  • Attends all meetings of the Association, the Board and the Executive Committee,
  • Keeps accurate minutes of these meetings;
  • Has charge of the Board’s correspondence;
  • Makes sure a record of names and addresses of all Members of the Association is kept;
  • Makes sure all notices of various meetings are sent;
  • Is a member of the Executive Committee; and
  • Carries out other duties assigned by the Board.

7.3.8 Director of Evaluations:
  • Shall appoint, with Board approval, and instruct staff of Provincial Evaluators responsible for providing written evaluations for all officials in Manitoba.
  • Shall be responsible for contacting appropriate assignor to schedule evaluation of officials.
  • All evaluation requests are made to the Director of Evaluations.
  • Staff of Evaluators will provide written evaluations within two weeks of the game(s) observed to the Director of Evaluations, who will in turn, provide copies to the official, appropriate assignor, and MABO Provincial Supervisor.
  • Is a member of the Executive Committee; and
  • Carries out other duties assigned by the Board.


More reports will be added leading up to the meeting.  

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