Q:  Team A and B are tied in the fourth quarter. As the buzzer sounds to the end of the 4th quarter, shooter A1 is fouled by B3 with the ball in their hand and then releases the ball. The ball doesn't enter the basket. The official has A1 shoot 2 free throws with no lineup and no time on the game clock. Is the official correct?

A:  No.

Reason:  Since the ball was still in the hands of A1 the foul happened after playing time. So the Game would be continued by an overtime of 5 mins.

If the official had determined that the ball had left the hands of the player before the game clock signal then A1 would shoot 2 free throws with at least 0.1 seconds on the clock.

FIBA Rule 8.8

If a foul is committed near the end of a quarter and overtime, the referee shall determine the remaining playing time. A minimum of 0.1 shall be shown on the game clock.

FIBA Rule 10.4  The ball does not become dead and the goal counts if made when:

  • The ball is in flight on a shot for a field goal and:
    • A referee blows his whistle.
    • The game clock signal sounds for the end of the quarter or overtime.
    • The shot clock signal sounds.
  • The ball is in flight on a free throw and a referee blows his whistle for any rule infraction other than by the free-throw shooter.
  • The ball is in the control of a shooter for a field goal who finishes his shot with a continuous motion which started before a foul is charged on any opponents’ player or on any person permitted to sit on the opponents’ team bench.

This provision does not apply, and the goal shall not count if after a referee blows his whistle an entirely new act of shooting is made.

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