Q: With 3:45 left in the 4th quarter and 16 seconds remaining on the shot clock, A4 attempts a shot for a 3 point field goal.  As the ball is in the air, B3 fouls A2 under the basket and then the ball enters the basket. This is Team B's fifth team foul in the 4th quarter.  Is the official correct in awarding A2 one free throw?

A:  No. A2 would get two shots.

FIBA Interpretations: 29/50-29

With 10 seconds on the shot clock, A1’s shot for a field goal is in the air when B2 in his backcourt fouls A2. This is the fifth team B foul in the quarter. The ball

(a) enters the basket.

(b) rebounds from the ring but does not enter the basket.

(c) misses the ring.


(a) A1’s field goal shall count.

In all cases, A2 shall attempt 2 free throws. The game shall be resumed as after any last free throw.

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