Q:  A3 on a drive for the basket leaves the ground and becomes airborne. Before A3 lands he passes the ball to A4 on the 3 point line. As A4 Shoots the 3 pointer, A3 hits B4 while in the air. B4’s heel is on the no-charge semi-circle line. The ball enters the basket. Is the official correct in calling an offensive foul?

A:  No. This is a "no-call".

FIBA Rule: 33.10

No-charge semi-circle areas

The no-charge semi-circle areas are drawn on the playing court for the purpose of designating a specific area for the interpretation of charge/block situations under the basket.

On any penetration play into the no-charge semi-circle area any contact caused by an airborne offensive player with a defensive player inside the no-charge semi-circle shall not be called as an offensive foul, unless the offensive player is illegally using his hands, arms, legs or body. This rule applies when:

  • The offensive player is in control of the ball whilst airborne, and
  • He attempts a shot for a field goal or passes the ball, and
  • The defensive player has one foot or both feet in contact with the no-charge semi-circle area.

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