Q: If a player is inbounding the ball and throws the ball in and it hits the back of the backboard is that considered out of bounds and would then result in a turnover?

During a game this weekend it happened and the defending team recovered the ball and then scored. The ref called it no basket and that the ball was out of bounds. Possession then went to the defence.  I felt that was the right call but there was some debate on it that the basket should have been allowed.

A: The official was correct as the back of the backboard is out of bounds. Also since the basket didn't count the throw-in would be on the sideline at the free-throw line extended.

For the back of the backboards as out of bounds refer to the FIBA Rule under 23.1.2.

The ball is out-of-bounds when it touches:

  • A player or any other person who is out-of-bounds.
  • The floor or any object above, on or outside the boundary line.
  • The backboard supports, the back of the backboards or any object above the playing court.

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