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    Tuesday, October 01, 2019

    Travelling Violation Scenarios

    Q1: Should a ball-handler stop and fall to one knee be in violation?  Should a ball-handler stop and fall to one knee be in violation, is not a travel, based on the first question above.

    A1: Answers to both of your questions are covered in the rulebook by article 25.2.2:

    A player falling, lying or sitting on the floor:

    • It is legal when a player falls and slides on the floor while holding the ball or, while lying or sitting on the floor, gains control of the ball.
    • It is a violation if the player then rolls or attempts to stand up while holding the ball.

    Q2: Does a player bending down to pick up a loose ball but have one knee contact the floor and then rise up cause a travel violation? 

    A2: Yes, it is a travelling violation, based on the second bullet point noted above.

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