MABO and Basketball Manitoba remind all MABO Senior and JODP Junior basketball officials who have registered and attended a clinic for the 2019-20 season that ONLY the following basketball leagues, associations and basketball-related activities in Manitoba are covered with the protections offered as part of your membership into MABO and Basketball Manitoba.  If you were to accept games played at any other non-named league or association, your personal insurance (both accident & liability) with MABO and Basketball Manitoba for those games worked would become null and void.   Also, only games assigned by a MABO recognized assignor or their designate would also receive insurance coverage for you as an individual.

The following basketball leagues and associations in Manitoba ARE considered fully sanctioned and part of the Basketball Manitoba insured entities...
  • USPORT (CIS) sanctioned basketball games   
  • Manitoba Colleges Athletic Conference sanctioned games (MCAC)
  • Manitoba High Schools Athletic Association (MHSAA) sanctioned basketball games
  • Junior High / Middle School sanctioned basketball games by the respective school division
  • Winnipeg Basketball League basketball games (formerly Fort Garry Super Men's Basketball League and Winnipeg Women's Basketball League - WBL)
  • Peg City Basketball Association Adult & Youth basketball games (PCBA & PCYBL) 
  • Winnipeg Minor Basketball Association basketball games (WMBA)
  • Philippine Basketball Association basketball games (PBA / Lipenos)
  • Winnipeg Athletic Association for Youth basketball games (WAAY)
  • Winnipeg Interathletic Sports League basketball games (ISL)
  • Westman Youth Basketball Association basketball games (WYBA)
  • Breaking Barriers Basketball League basketball games (BBBL)
  • Brandon Men's Basketball League basketball games (BMBL)
  • Brandon Senior Women’s Basketball League games (BSWBL)
  • WinPak Basketball League basketball games (WBL)  
  • Sabado Basketball League games (SBL)
  • South EastMan Filipino Association Basketball League basketball games (SEMFA) 
  • Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) basketball games and championships
  • Special Olympics Manitoba (SOM) basketball games 
  • Manitoba Provincial Team Program basketball games  
  • Canada Basketball National Championships games
  • Targeted Athlete Program / Centre for Performance basketball games (TAP / CP)   
  • Manitoba Club Basketball Championships basketball games  
  • Junior High Basketball Championships basketball games   
  • Manitoba 3x3 Basketball Championships basketball games
  • Canada Games, Western Canada Games and Manitoba Games basketball games  
  • Registered Club teams basketball games & tournaments
  • Other special event basketball games as recognized by Basketball Manitoba. 
All other basketball leagues and associations not listed above are not sanctioned by Basketball Manitoba and thus not covered under any insurance coverage.

Details on the insurance coverage for all MABO / JODP officials including on how to file an insurance claim can be found at
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