Q: In our league, we are having issues with really big guys playing zone defense.  This is very hard for the smaller teams.  Is there any suggestions you have for clarifying what zone vs. man is compared to help defense?  Could a defensive 3 in the key ever be considered if not actively guarding a man?  Just trying to find a good way to deal with this. 

A: Not permitting zone defence is a rule modification for some leagues in the city so this is not and official interpretation but rather a guideline to follow. If the ball is within 2 passes of the player the "big guy" is guarding the defender should be within 6-feet of that player. There is currently no FIBA rule for defensive 3-seconds in the key and I haven't heard of any plans to implement that rule in the future.  Therefore, unless this becomes a league modification to the current rules, defensive 3-seconds may not currently be called.
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