CASEBOOKS UPDATED: FIBA has released the new Official Basketball Rules which come into effect on October 1, 2014.  There are some significant changes as part of the changes which include...

  1. TECHNICAL FOUL PENALTY.  The penalty for a technical foul will be one free throw and possession of the ball with play being resumed with a throw-in at the centre line extended, opposite the scorer’s table.
  2. DISQUALIFICATION.  Any individual (player or coach) being assessed two technical fouls in a game will be disqualified.
  3. TIMEOUTS.  In the last 2-minutes of the game, each team is permitted to use a maximum of two timeouts.
  4. BACK OVER CENTRE.   Control must be established in the frontcourt. A team is in control in the frontcourt when a player is touching his frontcourt with both feet while holding, catching or dribbling the ball in his frontcourt.
  1. SHOT CLOCK RESET ON OFFENSIVE REBOUND.  After an offensive rebound, the shot clock will reset to 14 seconds and not 24.
  2. NO-CHARGE SEMI-CIRCLE.  The adoption of the no charge area under the basket becomes universal.  The line is part of the no-charge area.  No-charge rule applies if defensive player is touching the no-charge area with one or both feet
            Basketball Manitoba and its Technical Committee and with discussion at its AGM in June, along with consultation with the Manitoba Association of Basketball Officials (MABO) and the Manitoba High Schools Athletic Association (MHSAA) will be adopting the first 4 noted changes only.   Rule changes 5 & 6 will involve changes to the scoring equipment and floor markings and will NOT be adopted for the coming year.

            The FIBA floor markings from 2010 which include the wide NBA style key, 6.75m 3-point line and no-charge circle will still NOT be used in Manitoba.  More information on the floor markings... 

            Since 2007, all levels of basketball in Manitoba play under the 'FIBA' or international rule system.

            Copies of the full rule book plus additional FIBA rules resources can be found below or at...


            FIBA Guidelines for Referee Education Video Series

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