At the May 31st AGM, the MABO Membership will be asked to vote on changes that are being proposed to the MABO By-Laws. The Executive have posted on the website both the final version of the By Laws to be voted on as well as the track changes so that you can review the details of the proposed resolution to change the By-Laws.   Although many of the changes relate to spelling, grammar and formatting, the Executive would like to draw your attention to the following articles:

  • Article 6.1 (page 7): Changes AGM date from May to August 
  • Article 7.1.1 (page 9): Changes the responsibility for the day to day operations of the association from the Board to the Executive
  • Article (page 10): Proposes that the election of the executive be staggered and removes the reference to a 5 year limit on the time an officer may hold their specific position 
  • Article (page 11): Provides the President with the discretion to hold a joint meeting of the Executive and the Board rather than just individual meetings of these two groups 
  • Article 7.3 (page 12): Clarifies the duties of the officers of the association 
  • Article 7.5 (page 13): Removes the executive as a standing committee appointed by the Board as the Executive is elected by the membership and not appointed by the Board. Also, it is proposed to add a Recruitment and Retention standing committee. 
  • Article 7.5.2 (page 14): Modifies the number of members of the Finance Committee 
  • Article 8.1.1 (page 14): Fiscal year is changed to June 30 

The Executive will of course entertain questions and discussion on the proposed changes at the AGM on May 31, 2014.

Additional details on the changes can be seen in the following 2 documents...

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