The following documents contain the current specifications on the recognized floor lines used in Manitoba.  Please click on one of the below images to view and download the file.

More information on this and other recommendations can be found below in the 'A- Optimum Basketball Facility Specifications' document.

In June 2016, The MHSAA adopted a proposal put forward by the Basketball Manitoba Technical Committee to begin the transition to the new court markings to be in place by the 2019-20 season.  The lines that will be transitioned to include the 4.9m rectangle (NBA style key) and no-charge semi-circle.  The current 3 point line of 6.25m will still be used with the 'new' line set at 6.75m being used at the post secondary (CIS & MCAC) levels only.  The proposal that was adopted stated the following...

In an effort to keep the sport of basketball in Manitoba reflective of the current FIBA rulebook and to facilitate greater consistency in both how the game is played and officiated, the Basketball Manitoba Technical Committee recommends that all court markings and scoring equipment located in Manitoba adhere to the following specifications:


  1. All Manitoba High Schools are to begin transitioning to the new set of FIBA lines for implementation forSeptember 2019 including using the new 4.9m wide rectangle restricted area (key) and the 1.25m ‘no-charge semi-circle’.  During this transition period, once the new set of lines are in place at a school, this will be the set that will be used during competition. Up until 2019, if the new 4.9m key is not in place, the old ‘trapezoid’ style key will be used.
  2. By September 2019, all Manitoba high schools will use the 4.9m wide rectangle restricted area (key) and the new 1.25m ‘no-charge semi-circle’ rule will come into effect.
  3. The currently used 6.25m 3-point line will continue to be used at all levels of high school basketball (no change).
  4. All new gym builds or the repainting of lines at the high school or below levels in Manitoba are not to include either the old FIBA ‘trapezoid’ shaped or NCAA 10 foot wide restricted area (key), but instead include only the 4.9m wide rectangle restricted area (key) and the 1.25m ‘no-charge semi-circle’ along with the 6.25m 3-point line.   
  5. Any school purchasing a new scoreboard or shot clocks units should purchase ones that have the capability to handle the ‘on the fly 14 second reset’ on an offensive rebound.  This rule will come into effect at a later date.  

The Basketball Manitoba Technical Committee recommends that the MCAC adopt the lines in the current FIBA Rulebook which include the 4.9m wide restricted area, 6.75m 3-point line and 1.25m ‘no-charge semicircle’ effective the 2016-17 season. It is also recommended that the MCAC adopt the 14 second shot clock resetfor the 2017-18 season which requires an upgrade of the timing equipment to allow for this reset.

The CIS adopted the new lines for the 2014-15 season and the new 14 second offensive rebound shot clock reset for the 2015-16 season.  These new lines were announced by FIBA in 2010.  Manitoba at all levelsmoved to the FIBA rule system in 2007.  

Questions on any of this can be directed to Adam Wedlake

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