Date:  Saturday May 26, 2012
Time:  11:00 a.m.
Location:  Sport Manitoba, 145 Pacific Ave., Winnipeg, MB

I. Election of Provincial Executive: The positions open for nomination and election on the Provincial Executive for 2012-2013 are President, Vice President, Provincial Supervisor, Provincial Interpreter, Secretary/Treasurer, Director of Clinics, Director of Evaluations, and Director-At-Large. All of these positions are a one-year term.

If you would like to run for any of the Provincial Executive positions, or if you would like to nominate another member, please contact the Nominating Committee Chairperson, Neil Gottfred at (W) 204-953-3129, (C) 204-299-9260 or email at by May 25, 2012.

II. Remember: all members of MABO are welcome to attend the Annual General Meeting, however, voting privileges are extended to the members of the Provincial Executive and Provincial Council only.


1. Call to Order

2. Adoption of Minutes

3. Executive Reports
     • President (D. Morphy)
     • Vice President (S. Hawash)
     • Provincial Supervisor (W. Crymble)
     • Provincial Interpreter (C. Moskal)
     • Secretary/Treasurer (M. Bradbury)
     • Director of Clinics (R. Peppler)
     • Director of Evaluations (J. Glowasky)
     • Directors-At-Large (P. Isaak)
4. Provincial Council Members Reports
5. Election of 2011-2012 Provincial Executive
6. Motion – MABO Bylaws (PDF)
7. MABO Clinics
8. MABO Camp
9. New Business
10. Adjournment
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