The Manitoba Association of Basketball Officials has aligned itself with the Canadian Association of Basketball Officials (CABO) for the mandatory writing of the FIBA National Exam.  This year, the 2011-2012 FIBA Exam will once again be administered ‘on-line’, however, the exam will be accessed through the CABO web site.  (Note: FIBA Exam Policy agreed upon at the CABO Annual General Meeting in Whistler, B.C. September 2011).  The Exam will be available to all current members effective immediately and will be available until December 31, 2011.   For full details...

IMPORTANT EXAM INFORMATION (please read ALL notes carefully):

1) All officials are required to write this exam and obtain a minimum mark of 70% in order to receive any assignments.

2) In the framework of the CABO National Official Certification Program (NOCP), a minimum passing mark on the exam is established and a candidate cannot be certified at this level until this passing grade is met.  Following is a breakdown for each level:

  • Probationary is 35/50 (70%)
  • CABO Level 1 is 35/50 (70%) 
  • CABO Level 2 is 40/50 (80%)
  • CABO Level 3, 4, & 5 is 43/50 (86%)  

3) Any official failing to achieve the minimum required mark based on his/her current CABO Level status would be allowed one re-write.  This rewrite opportunity will be made available within 48 hours following your first exam and will expire on December 31, 2011 and will also be administered on-line (CABO website).

4) The exam consists of 50 «YES-NO» questions.  There will be a 120 minute time limit for this exam.

5) National Tournaments: Any official who is assigned to games at the national level is required to write the national FIBA exam and receive a minimum score in order to receive assignments.  The minimum score for officials in consideration to receive national assignments is 86%.

6) For those officials WITHOUT access to a computer to write the exam, you will need to make arrangements with the Basketball Manitoba office at 145 Pacific Avenue in Winnipeg on Monday to Fridays between 9:00 am - 4:00 pm to set up a time to use the computer lab on site.  Please call Ian at (204) 925-5775 to make arrangements.


1. Go to CABO website at

2. On the main page, scroll down to the heading “CABO 2011 Exam”.  There is a link for every province to proceed to the exam.  Click MB English Exam to write the exam in English or MB Francais Exam in French.

3. Your username is your last name followed by a space, then your first name (ALL UPPERCASE LETTERS). (Example: John Smith would have a username of ' SMITH JOHN '.)

4. The password for MABO Full members is MB123.  “MB” is uppercase (no spaces).

5. ALL information on the login screen is mandatory to help your Provincial Interpreter in sorting the results. Use the local association you officiate in for the “Association” info.

6. Once started, you have 2 hours to finish - you may save and exit, but the clock does NOT stop.  Write down the access code before starting the test (the code is case sensitive). When you log back in (using the code) you will only have the remaining time from your initial 2 hours. Ex: You have been writing the exam for 15 minutes and you have to take an important phone call so you save and exit the exam.  After 15 minutes you return to your exam using the access code.  You will only have 1 hour and 30 minutes left to complete the exam.

7. Please make sure you are going to be able to complete once you begin.

8. You may only take the test online ONCE. The system will NOT let you take it a second time - please make sure you review all questions and have an answer for each.

9. All questions are yes/no as in previous years - read each question carefully.

10. There are 50 questions, but they are randomized for each person - so your question order will in all likelihood NOT be the same as anyone else. Everyone has the same 50 questions, but in different orders.

11. When finished and satisfied please submit the exam. Your score will be totaled and shown to you upon completion (#correct out of 50 and %) - but you will NOT be able to review the exam until January.  Your mark will also be posted on your profile section of the MABO website.

12. Should you require a “REWRITE”, you will be able to take the test again on the CABO website within 48 hours of your first exam – login information will be reset, so follow the same procedure.

13. Your exam and results will be emailed to your Provincial Interpreter for evaluation.

14. If you skip a question on the exam the test program does NOT inform you after you have answered the 50th question.  If you hit submit, the skipped question will be listed as answered incorrect.  Please make sure you back track and review to make sure every question is answered.

15. Deadline to write the exam and any rewrites is December 31, 2011.  No extensions will be made.

16. If you have any questions please contact Cam Moskal, MABO Provincial Interpreter, or 204-667-5542.

A copy of the exam questions and a complete answer sheet with rule book references will be made available on the MABO website following the exam writing periods.

Good luck!


Cam B. Moskal
MABO Provincial Interpreter
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