In preparation for the upcoming 2024-25 basketball season, MABO is offering an opportunity to purchase jerseys through a bulk order process, allowing you to save on shipping costs. This is an ideal chance for those needing a spare jersey or for new officials needing to acquire their first jersey.

The expected price is $62 per jersey, which includes the purchase price of $53, taxes, handling fee, and shipping. Orders must be submitted by the end of the day on Saturday, July 13, with no exceptions. The jerseys will be ordered on Sunday, July 14. Payment will be invoiced individually and is due within 15 days of receipt. The jerseys are anticipated to arrive in late August or early September, and a distribution process will be established and communicated at that time. Please note that all sales are final with no returns or exchanges.

You are encouraged to forward this information to your officiating colleagues, and supervisors should forward it to their leagues, especially if there are new officials who will need jerseys. Alternatively, you can order jerseys independently by following the directions in the above image, though the price will be higher than the $62 offered through the bulk order.

To place an order, please email Stan Majowski at with the following details:

  • Name 
  • Size
  • Cut (Women or Men)
  • Quantity
  • Association you belong to (WMBA, MBOA, KPAC, WWAC, SCAC, WPG#1, SEMBOA, Central, Brandon, etc.)
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