Q:  As a coach, I'm trying to teach my players how to create space after the catch without dribbling. There are the regular jab steps, pivoting and rip-through. But regarding the rip through. If done unintentionally and the defender is basically chest to chest with the offensive player, and the offensive player sweeps the ball through, and the ball itself makes contact with the defensive player's arms, hand, body, etc., is that an offensive foul or a no-call? 

A: If the defensive player is in a legal guarding position and inside their cylinder, and if the offensive player uses the ball to displace the defensive player, it would be deemed an offensive foul.

The FIBA Rule states... (Rule is Article 32)

"The offensive player with the ball must be allowed enough space for a normal basketball play within his/her cylinder. The normal basketball play includes starting a dribble, pivoting, shooting and passing." 

The other thing that you need to know is that the forearms can't be horizontal as this is not a basketball play, but they can be vertical as long as they are inside their cylinders.

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