Q: Today, I had to administer a double technical where two players began to aggressively push each other. I gave each team one foul shot and gave the ball to the team that initially had possession. Was I supposed to just give the technicals, then resume the game with an inbound because the fouls would cancel out?

A: In this case, as both fouls are Unsporting in nature (2 shots), they would be cancelled out and the game would start where it left off.

The FIBA rule is 42.2.3.

All equal penalties on the teams and all double foul penalties shall be cancelled in the order in which they were committed. Once all foul penalties have been entered on the scoresheet and cancelled they are considered as never having occurred


If, After the cancellation of equal penalties on both teams, there are no other penalties remaining for administration, the game shall be resumed as follows:

If at approximately the same time as the first infraction:

- a valid goal or a last free throw is scored, the ball shall be awarded to the non-scoring team for a throw-in from any place behind that team's endline

- a team had control of the ball or was entitled to the ball, the ball shall be awarded to this team for a throw-in form the place nearest to the first infraction

- neither team had control of the ball nor was entitled to the ball, a jump ball situation occurs.

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