In light of the news announced on Friday, August 27, 2021, formally released on September 2 and taking effect on Friday, September 3 by the Province of Manitoba tied to the ongoing global COVID-19 pandemic, several changes, most notably tied to adult vaccinations and mask-wearing, have been made tied to indoor sports in Manitoba.  Those include...

    • NEW: ADULTS IN BASKETBALL:   Effective September 3, 2021, all adults (age 18+) participating in or attending an indoor basketball facility in Manitoba will need to be able to provide proof upon request of their fully Covid-19 vaccination status to gain entrance along with government-issued identification. This includes adult players, coaches, officials, staff, volunteers and spectators. Adult coaches and officials involved with age 17 and under basketball teams are included in this requirement, however, participants age 17 and under do not need to provide such proof of being fully vaccinated at this time to gain entry to indoor sporting facilities.    
    • NEW: MASKS: Indoor sports facilities in Manitoba will be requiring the use of non-medical masks however the participant has the option to remove the mask while active on the court.  Facilities also reserve the right to request that masks remain on at all times and that user groups should communicate with the facility manager to know what is required and are asked to follow that requirement.  
    • NO CHANGE: PARTICIPANT NUMBERS: Allowance with no maximum participant number restrictions for indoor and outdoor basketball to gather for games, tournaments, practices, training and camps. Under the Canada Basketball Return Plan, this would equate to Phase 5 of their plans.  (See Order 12 below)
    • NO CHANGE: SPECTATORS: The number of spectators at an indoor or outdoor basketball facility remains the same as announced on August 3 must not exceed 50% of the facility's usual spectator capacity, with all spectators socially distancing from others while at the facility.  Facilities also reserve the right to admit or not admit spectators at the moment.   (See Order 12 below)
    • NO CHANGE: SOCIAL DISTANCING: Social distancing (2m) is to be maintained at all times between players, coaches and officials when not active on the court and are expected to follow all other restrictions imposed by a facility when using change rooms/washrooms.  
    • PUBLIC HEALTH ORDERS: The wording of Public Health Orders 13, 14 and 27 are included below.  

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With this new information now formally out, MABO will be releasing its 2021-22 Membership and Clinic information in the next week and will post those details on its website and send an email notification to all past Senior and Junior members.  

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