Canada Basketball has received information from FIBA on the new process tied to "Table Officials Licensing" for 2021-23 (see below guidelines).  Any future FIBA competitions hosted in Manitoba will require local certified table officials.  The training can also be a professional development opportunity for those interested.  Note, all table officials in Manitoba that were previously licensed (including for the Canada / Nigeria game in August 2019) will need to re-certify.  

There is no personal cost for an individual to apply for or pursue this level of training and all training will be conducted virtually to those who are successful in applying.  

The licensing period starts September 1, 2021 and ends August 31, 2023.  FIBA is only offering two opportunities (summer 2021 and spring 2022) for table officials to obtain their license for this period.  Similar to the previous licensing process, all candidates are required to complete online training and successfully pass an exam to receive a FIBA Table Official License. 

FIBA has indicated that all candidates must meet the following requirements in order to be considered for certification:

  • Be able to talk and understand English (basic level) 
  • Have at least five (5) years of working experience as or with table officials
  • Be able to work at all four (4) positions at the scorer’s table

For those interested in becoming certified and who meet the FIBA requirements listed above, they will need to:

  1. Submit a copy of their passport (FIBA has moved to a new system and require that all candidates submit a copy of their passport)
  2. Complete the below application

 These documents are to be submitted to Riike Olasina ( by June 11, 2021.

Once the forms have been collected, the candidate’s information will be uploaded to the FIBA system.  The first training and testing period will run from July 5 to August 20, 2021.



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