MABO, in consultation with Canada Basketball, Basketball Manitoba and provincial sport bodies, has been monitoring the most recent developments of COVID-19 and is currently assessing operational plans for a Return to Play.  At this time, Basketball Manitoba is developing a Return to Train strategy, which is the first step to Return to Play/Compete.

MABO is committed to working on an innovative return to play protocol where we will follow Basketball Manitoba’s guidelines. The safety and health of the participants, spectators and our officials will be first and foremost in the decision-making to come.

Specifications regarding the safe integration of officials are being developed nationally and will be included in a future document that addresses competition safety protocols. In order to advance to competition, physical distancing restrictions must be addressed, allowing some body contact.

You can view the current Return to Basketball document from Canada Basketball on how their task force is looking at this matter on their website.  You will be seeing some information on athletes gradually returning to training BUT this does not mean that actual competitions have been approved. 
The following is from the Canada Basketball materials:

The Canada Basketball Task Force states that "Our primary goal is to protect the health and safety of all players, coaches, officials, support staff, volunteers, spectators and everyone else returning to our cherished game, while preventing the spread of COVID-19, both on and off-the-court. This guide will provide relevant information for our Provincial/Territorial Sport Organizations (PTSO) members, sport partners and broader basketball community to safely resume basketball activities.  In addition, the guide will utilize public gathering restrictions, social distancing and travel restrictions as outlined by local, provincial/territorial and federal guidelines, to determine the appropriate stages for the resumption of play."

Also, a reminder that whatever your role with MABO is: referee, assignor or clinician, we are following the sport and basketball guidelines set forward by the Province of Manitoba and Basketball Manitoba for a safe and healthy return to train which will be followed by the introduction of competition. 

Clarification of Risk and Support: Although the MABO does not currently have an official policy, or a condition of membership, as it relates to a member’s acceptance of “non-sanctioned” assignments, such practice is not supported, or condoned by the MABO. Any MABO member choosing to accept a “non-sanctioned” assignment must be aware of the following:

  • The MABO and its member Associations expect that member officials will not compromise availability for “Approved” assignments or accept a “non-sanctioned” assignment in preference to an “Approved” assignment. 
  • “Non-sanctioned” assignments are not sanctioned by the MABO and therefore acceptance of such assignments excludes all MABO membership benefits. These benefits include, but are not limited to; any insurance policy, any support from the MABO such as interpretation or advice and any claim for a game fee or other financial support. 
  • MABO advises against participation as an official in any “non-sanctioned” assignments.  If a MABO member officiates a non-sanctioned assignment, then they are doing so personally and not acting as a MABO member. They should not identify themselves as a MABO member through their uniform or other identifying marks. 
  • Assignors should not assign any non-sanctioned assignment.  If an Assignor arranges a non-sanctioned assignment, then they are doing so personally and not acting as a MABO member.

Once Return to Play has been approved, we will communicate this to our membership.

For any questions relating to any basketball activities, I invite you to contact me directly at

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Be well and stay safe!

Stacy Hawash
MABO President

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