Q:  How would you call a play where offensive play mistakenly scores on their own basket and gets fouled by defense?

A: First of all, a player who accidentally (or intentionally) scores in his own basket, is never in the 'act of shooting' (see Art. 15 below) - as he is not shooting "towards the opponent's basket".  Therefore, there can never be a shooting foul called in the case below.

Art. 15 Player in the act of shooting

  • 15.1. Definition 15.1.1. A shot for a field goal or a free throw is when the ball is held in a player’s hand(s) and is then thrown into the air towards the opponents' basket.
  • A tap is when the ball is directed with the hand(s) towards the opponents' basket.
  • A dunk is when the ball is forced downwards into the opponents' basket with one or both hands.
  • A tap and a dunk are also considered as shots for a field goal.

That is not to say, however, that a personal foul could not be called if the contact with the opponent warrants a foul.

  • 34.2. Penalty A personal foul shall be charged against the offender.
  • 34.2.1. If the foul is committed on a player not in the act of shooting:
    • The game shall be resumed with a throw-in by the non-offending team at the place nearest to the infraction.
    • If the offending team is in the team foul penalty situation, then Art. 41 will apply.
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