Question 1: My question is regarding a Throw-in.  Rule 17.3.2 says that a player may not go out of bounds before the ball has been thrown in.  Does this also apply to a throw-in after a made field goal?  ie. A1 steps out of bounds at end line to throw-in the ball after a field goal, A2 then steps out of bounds down the line to receive a 'pass' from A1 in an attempt to break a press (all within 5 seconds).  Is this legal?

Answer 1: This is a legal play. The ball must still be in-bounded within 5-seconds from when the initial thrower-in had possession of the ball.


Question 2: On a throw-in after a violation or foul, A1 takes the ball from the official. A2 is attempting to get around B2 and...

         1. Steps on the line to get around B2

Answer 2a: A2 should receive a warning if they intentionally go out of bounds to beat the defender. If it happens again, a technical foul for a non-basketball play should be applied.

  - or - 

          2. Is contacted by B2 (not a foul) and then steps on the line.

Answer 2b: did not go out-of-bounds of on his own. Therefore, provided A2 establishes himself in-bounds again, he can receive the throw-in without penalty.
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