Q: An unsportsmanlike foul occurs at the end of the half and we were headed into half time. Would the offensive team get the ball in their front court after the half?  I assumed that after the two free throws were given, (as the team that fouled already had five or more fouls) play would resume normally in the second half with a throw in for the team that had alternate possession. 

A: The 2nd half would start with a throw-in for the shooting team resulting from the penalty for the unsportsmanlike foul. The information can be found in the casebook:

12-6 Just prior to the horn sounding to end the first period, B1 commits an unsportsmanlike foul on A1. The possession arrow favours Team B. 

Q: Shall the second period begin with a Team B throw-in according to the alternating possession process? 

A: No. The period will start with the administration of a Team A throw-in as part of the penalty for the unsportsmanlike foul. The possession arrow will remain in favour of Team B.
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