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    Monday, July 06, 2015

    Off Ball Foul Procedure

    Q: Referee calls a foul off the ball on A1 while A2 release a shot and it is a successful FG.  How do we resume the game? Does the basket count? Is it a throw in for team A? What about if its penalty for Team B? 

    UPDATED: A: Your question is a little ambiguous so I'll answer it in two ways. If the ball is still in the hands of the shooter, then no points shall be scored and ball would go to team B closest to where the foul occurred, if the shot is missed, and at freethrow line extended if the ball has gone in the basket, no shots if B is in penalty as this is a team control foul.  If the ball has left the shooter's hands, and the ball goes in the basket, the points shall count. The ball would go to team B closest to where the foul occurred or B is awarded penalty shots if they are in penalty.
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