Q: I attended a recent junior officials clinic, how do I start officiating? Do I need to contact someone for this? And is there a certificate or something that can proof my referee status?
Does being a certified CABO level 1 referee allow me to officiate games that junior or senior officials in Winnipeg cannot do? 

A: If you attended a JODP clinic, run by Basketball Manitoba, they would have your name on a list of participants, you would not receive a certificate. Reach out to Reid Kenyon (see MABO contact page), as he is the assignor for the WMBA. Just to be clear, taking a JODP clinic does not certify you as a CABO Level 1 official. Your are a certified Junior Official and can officiate only WMBA and Jr. High games. You are not in the CABO system until you attend a MABO clinic (as recommended by your WMBA assignor) and then would be a probationary official until you start receiving positive evaluations at the MABO level to move up in levels.
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