Q. We are presently having a tournament and would like to request for an official interpretation on FIBA 2012 rule number 20.2.3 regarding the forfeiture of 2 games by a team.  How can we interpret the word 'NULLIFIED'?  Does it mean that all the results of the games played by the forfeiting team are reversed while their opponents in their remaining games declared as winners? Or does it mean as if the forfeiting team never played in the tournament with all their games, played and to be played, being cancelled?

A. The rule that you refer to clearly states that "the results of all games by this team shall be nullified." By definition, nullified means "to cause (something) to lose its value or to have no effect." So, yes, by rule, the team in question would have all scores erased and their opponents would, as a result, win the game by their score with zero scored for the team whose score is nullified.

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