Q. The situation to my following questions is setting up a press break prior to in-bounding the ball after a made basket by the other team. 

(A) When does the five second inbound time begin? 

(B) When does the 24 second shot clock begin? and 

(C) How long would the in-bounding team have before being called for a delay of game if they didn't immediately pick up the basketball but left it alone until their teammates were in the proper spots?

(A) The 5-second count begins as soon as a player has possession of the ball out-of-bounds on the end line or as soon as the trail official believes that the team entitled to the ball has had sufficient time to get the ball out-of-bounds for throw-in.

(B) The 23-second shotclock begins:  29.1.1. Whenever:

  •  A player gains control of a live ball on the playing court,
  •  On a throw-in, the ball touches or is legally touched by any player on the playing court and the team of that player taking the throw-in remains in control of the ball.

(C) What you outline would not be delay of game.  Rather, per my point in question A), the official would simply begin the 5-second throw-in count and the team would violate after the 5-second count is complete if they hadn't successfully thrown in the ball. Therefore, the ball would go to the opposing team for throw-in at the point where the original throw-in was to take place.  Rule 36.3.1 includes delay of game provisions and they are:

  • Delaying the game by deliberately touching the ball after it passes through the basket or by preventing a throw-in from being taken promptly.

Neither of these references failure to collect and throw-in the ball after a successful field goal.

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