Date: Saturday May 31, 2014
Time: 11:00 a.m.
Location: Conference Room A (lower level), 
                Sport Manitoba, 145 Pacific Ave., Winnipeg, MB

I. Election of MABO Officers: The positions open for nomination and election on the MABO Board for 2013-2014 are President, Vice President, Provincial Supervisor, Provincial Interpreter, Secretary/Treasurer, Director of Clinics, Director of Evaluations, and Director-At-Large. All of these positions are a one-year term.

II. Voting Privileges: all members of MABO are entitled to attend the Annual General Meeting and are entitled to one (1) vote. A Voting Member may not vote by proxy.

III. Quorum: Attendance by 10% of the Members at the Annual General Meeting is a quorum. Please make every effort to attend!

MAB0 AGM & Provincial Council Meeting

    1. Call to order
    2. Adoption of Agenda
    3. Adoption of minutes of AGM 2013
    4. Executive Reports
      · President (D. Morphy)
      · Vice President (S. Hawash)
      · Provincial Supervisor (W. Crymble)
      · Provincial Interpreter) (M. Bradbury)
      · Secretary/Treasurer (J. Pursaga)
      · Director of Clinics (R. Peppler)
      · Director of Evaluations (J. Boyd)
      · Director at Large (J. Bernard)
    5. Assigners Reports: KPAC; SCAC, West Winnipeg; Winnipeg 1; Winnipeg Minor; Others
    6. Review of financial statements and independent reviewer’s report
    7. Pink Whistle Campaign Report (J. Bernard)
    8. MABO Camp Report (R. Kenyon and J. Boyd) 
    9. Notice of Motion (C.Moskal)
    10. Approval of Revised By Laws - VIEW PROPOSALS
    11. Election of 2014-2015 Executive
    12. Other
    13. Motion to adjourn
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