Question: A-4 who is airborne and shoots the ball, the ball is in air when 24 second signal sounds, B-8 commits a normal foul on A-4.  What is the call?

Answer: Assuming that A-4 is still in the act of shooting (until both feet return to the floor), we must wait to see if the ball enters the basket, hits the ring, or misses the ring.

  • If the shot misses the ring, a 24-second violation has occurred. B-8's foul shall be disregarded unless technical, unsportsmanlike, or disqualifying.
  • If the shot enters the basket, charge B-8 with a foul and award A-4 one (1) free throw.
  • If the shot hits the ring, charge B-8 with a foul and award A-4 two (2) free throws.
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