Question: I've seen in a some instructional videos (a Steve Nash in Gannon Baker) in which a player is dribbling down the right side of the key with the ball in his right hand, slides to a stop picking up the ball establishing his right foot as a pivot and pivoting 90 degrees so his back is to the key. He continues to front pivot until he is facing the basket, fakes a Jump shot, pulls the ball down, steps through onto his left foot and finishes at the basket. My question is, on the step through, can the player lift his pivot foot (right foot) and finish by jumping off of his left foot only, or must he jump off both feet?

Answer:  After establishing his right foot as his pivot foot, the player in an attempt to shoot for a Field Goal, may step with his left foot and lift the pivot foot but the pivot foot may not be returned to the floor before the ball is released from the hands.  This player would also be allowed to jump off his left foot in attempting the field goal in this situation.
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