Question 1: On a break away lay-up the defence is behind the ball and claps his hands to try to distract the Shooter. (A)He has been warned (B) he has not been warned and the basket is (A) good (B) missed what is the call and where in the rule book is this?

Answer 1: Although this situation is penalized under Article 38 (Technical Fouls) in the rule book, it is specifically covered in the FIBA Official Interpretations (Art. 38, Statement 3).  In (A) above, the defensive player shall be charged with a Technical Foul whether the basket is successful or unsuccessful, since a warning has previously been given to this team.  In (B), if the basket is successful, a warning shall be given to the player and also communicated to the coach. If the basket is unsuccessful, the defensive player shall be charged with a technical foul.

Question 2: In both cases when a technical is given 2 shots for this is awarded even if the basket was good? There was some discussion among officials that because the basket was made that no shots or just 1 would be awarded.

Answer 2: Correct! The penalty for technical fouls is always 2 shots plus possession, regardless of a successful field goal/free throw.
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