Question: I had a situation earlier this week that I wasn't sure on. A player lost his balance and was falling forward with the ball. He then put just the ball on the floor to regain his balance. From this point, with both feet and the ball in contact with the floor; 1) can he pick up the ball? 2) can he pick up the ball and Dribble? 3) can he move one foot as a Pivot? This is a situation I have not seen before and cannot find it in the case book. What is the player allowed to do from this position?

Answer: In the case you described below, a player who places the ball to the ground while holding the ball is the same as a player who places a hand on the floor while holding the ball รข€“ he/she is allowed to lift that hand, as long as the pivot foot is not moved illegally (traveling). This player would be allowed to pick up the ball and dribble (assuming he/she has not dribbled previously) and would be allowed to pivot.

If you rule that the player has fallen to the floor (Art. 25.2.3), it would be a violation if the player then rolls or attempts to stand up while holding the ball. However, your case seems pretty clear that the player only placed the ball on the floor while maintaining a pivot foot.
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