The Manitoba Association of Basketball Officials has released a memo to its membership tied to the enforcement and interpretation of a number of items in the current FIBA rulebook tied to uniform numbers, undershirts, mouth guard and athletic tape color, halftime length, player disqualification and dunking.  These items are tied to the high school (MHSAA) level of play in Manitoba.  For the details...


Date:        December 15, 2010
To:            MABO Officials, MABO Provincial Council Members
Cc:            Morris Glimcher, Executive Director, MHSAA
From:       Cam B. Moskal, MABO Provincial Interpreter
RE:           MHSAA/FIBA Rule Clarifications

Now that the high school basketball season is upon us, I would like to take this opportunity to advise you of some of the unique rules that apply to all high school basketball games in Manitoba (Varsity and Junior Varsity).  Although the following rules specifically apply to MHSAA games, MABO is recommending that we use these interpretations for all levels of play from high school and below; unless, of course, specific leagues indicate otherwise.

(NOTE:  Zone basketball convenors and tournament hosts, may use their own flexibility for their specific basketball events.)

FIBA Rules 2010:

1.    Article 4.3 – Uniforms
a)    Art. 4.3.2 - Teams shall use the preferred FIBA numbers from four (4) to fifteen (15).  However, MHSAA has approved, for their competitions, any other numbers with a maximum of two (2) digits.

2.    Article 4.4 – Other Equipment
a)    Art. 4.4.2 - T-shirts under the playing jersey are allowed as long as they are the same dominant color as the jersey.
b)    Art. 4.4.2 - The FIBA rule stating that only “non-coloured transparent mouth guards” are permitted shall be disregarded.  Therefore, mouth guards of any colour(s) are permitted.
c)    Art. 4.4.2 - The FIBA rule stating that only “non-coloured transparent taping of arms, shoulders, legs, etc.” is permitted shall be disregarded.  Therefore, taping of arms, shoulders, legs, etc. is permitted with any colour of tape.

3.    Article 8.4 – Playing time, tied score and extra periods
a)    Unless otherwise indicated, there shall be a half-time interval of play of ten (10) minutes.

4.    Article 37 – Disqualifying Foul
a)    Art. 37.1.2 – Under no circumstances shall the “Captain” replace a coach or the assistant coach who has received a disqualifying foul.
b)    Art. 37.2.2 – Under FIBA Rules, “Whenever the offender is disqualified according to the respective articles of these rules, he shall go to and remain in his team's dressing room for the duration of the game or, if he so chooses, he shall leave the building.”
i.    Most school divisions (Boards) do not allow a disqualified player to leave the playing court without proper supervision.  If proper supervision is not present, then the disqualified player must remain on the team bench under the supervision of the coach(s) and/or school personnel.

5.    Dunking during an interval of play – observe the conference/school/tournament rules regarding dunking and penalize accordingly.


If you should have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Cam B. Moskal
MABO Provincial Interpreter
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