FIBA has released revised copies of the official basketball rules used worldwide, including at all levels of play here in Manitoba, from the WMBA, school, club, CIS and Senior levels.  The new rules take effect October 1, 2010 and include a number of changes.  The biggest changes that are coming into play under the FIBA system are the new floor markings.  These changes are the first changes to the floor lines at the FIBA level since 1952 and have changed the key to copy the NBA specifications along with a 'no charge' semi-circle.  Please note that the new game floor markings illustrated in this publication will NOT be utilized by any level of basketball in Manitoba until further notice from Basketball Manitoba.  This includes still using the original ‘trapezoid’ style key, the 20’6” three point line and NOT introducing the new ‘no-charge semi-circle’ line.  All levels of play in the province will use the 2008 floor markings until further notice.  Another change to the new rules includes how the shot clock gets reset after a team fouls with less than 14 seconds showing.  Keep reading for the full details on all changes.  Printed copies of the new FIBA rulebook are available for sale from the Basketball Manitoba office and online store for $15.00 each.  You can also download a free full PDF version of the new rulebook along 

FIBA Assist Magazine 2010 Rule Change Summary (PDF)

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