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    Monday, June 25, 2018

    AGM MINUTES POSTED: MABO Annual General Meeting Set for Wed June 13, 2018

    To all MABO Members:

    The notes from the MABO AGM have been attached to the website.  Thank you to all that attended.  Congratulations to the elections of the new people to the executive:
    • Wyatt Anders (Director of Evaluations) 
    • Andy Russo (Member at Large)

    Please review the notes and year end reports below.  You can also see the new MABO logo that has been adopted.


    The reports from all the portfolio's have been uploaded to the MABO website
    Please take some time to read them.

    We will not be formally reading each report to expedite the meeting this year.
    If you have questions about any report, you will have the opportunity to bring them up at the AGM.

    If you are interested for running for any positions this year, please contact Wes Crymble or Jim Boyd

    Also, we will be looking at new logos for MABO.  Come out and vote for the one you like the most.

    Looking forward to seeing you all there - your opinions and your vote are important.

    Blake Sagan
    MABO Secretary


    Notice to Members of the Association:

    Date: Wednesday, June 13, 2018
    Time: 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM
    Location: Vincent Massey Collegiate, 975 Dowker Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba (MAP)

    I. Election of MABO Officers: The positions open for nomination and election on the MABO Board for 2018-2019 are Director of Evaluations, Member At Large, Secretary, and Treasurer and Director of Clinics.  All of these positions are a two-year term. Read Job Descriptions

    If you would like to run as an Officer on the MABO Board of Directors, or if you would like to nominate anyone for the above positions, please contact Jim Boyd <> or Wes Crymble <> by Monday, May 29, 2018.

    II. Voting Privileges: all members of MABO are entitled to attend the Annual General Meeting and are entitled to one (1) vote. A Voting Member may not vote by proxy.

    III. Quorum: Attendance by 10% of the Members at the Annual General Meeting is a quorum. Please make every effort to attend!

    Meeting Agenda:

    1. Call to Order
    2. Adoption of Agenda
    3. Adoption of Minutes of AGM 2017
    4. Executive Reports:
      1. President (D. Morphy)
      2. Vice President (S. Hawash)
      3. Provincial Supervisor (M. Maryk)
      4. Provincial Interpreter (M. Bradbury)
      5. Treasurer(J. Pursaga)
      6. Secretary (B. Sagan)
      7. Director of Clinics (G. Matsumoto)
      8. Director of Evaluations (J. Mayo)
      9. Director-At-Large (J. Bernard)
    5. 5. Assignor's Reports:
      1. SCAC
      2. WWAC
      3. WINNIPEG 1
      4. STEINBACH
      5. PORTAGE
      6. WESTMAN
      7. KPAC
      8. MBOA
      9. WMBOA
    6. Review of Financial Statements & Finance Committee Report (J. Pursaga)
    7. Motion to Approve New MABO LOGO: M. Maryk
    8. Election of Officers (Crymble and Boyd)
    9. Other
    10. Motion to Adjourn 


    The Manitoba Association of Basketball Officials, in accordance with its Bylaws will be electing four executive positions for two-year terms at its next Annual General Meeting. The board has duly appointed Wes Crymble and Jim Boyd to the nominating committee.  The four positions up for election this year are:
    1. The Treasurer 
    2. The Secretary
    3. The Director of Clinics
    4. The Provincial Interpreter
    5. The Director of Evaluations 
    6. The Member at Large

    The duties of these Officers of the Association can be found HERE.

    If you interested in running for one of these positions please contact Jim or Wes, indicate the position that you are interested in and what qualifications you have towards filling the position.
    Not ready to commit to be on the board?  There are several committees that operate during the year (finance, recruitment and retention, clinic etc) that you might be interested in.  If so please put your name forward for consideration.

    MINUTES & MEMBER REPORTS - seen below or CLICK HERE to view in a new window.

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