On Saturday September 10, the Manitoba Association of Basketball Officials hosted their Annual General Meeting at Vincent Massey Collegiate.  The new MABO Executive was installed along with the approval of the MABO By-Laws for the 2016-17 season.  This information is detailed in the AGM Meeting Minutes and is included in their appropriate folder below.

The Association welcomes both Blake Sagan and Jeff Mayo to the Executive who will take on the newly formed Secretary and the existing Director of Evaluations positions respectively.  The Association would also like to thank Jim Boyd who is leaving the role of Director of Evaluations for all his time and commitment to the position.  The new Executive members can be found on the MABO Contact page.


Notice to Members of the Association:

Date: September 10, 2016
Time: 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Location: Vincent Massey Collegiate, 975 Dowker Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba

I. Election of MABO Officers: The positions open for nomination and election on the MABO Board for 2016-2018 are Secretary/Treasurer, Director of Clinics, Director of Evaluations, and Director-At-Large. All of these positions are a two-year term.

II. Voting Privileges: all members of MABO are entitled to attend the Annual General Meeting and are entitled to one (1) vote. A  Voting Member may not vote by proxy.

III. Quorum: Attendance by 10% of the Members at the Annual General Meeting is a quorum. Please make every effort to attend!

Meeting Agenda:
All reports can be found in the below folders or HERE.
  1. Call to Order
  2. Adoption of Agenda
  3. Adoption of Minutes of AGM 2015
  4. Executive Reports:
    1. President (D. Morphy)
    2. Vice President (S. Hawash)
    3. Provincial Supervisor (C. Moskal)
    4. Provincial Interpreter (M. Bradbury)
    5. Secretary/Treasurer (J. Pursaga)
    6. Director of Clinics (G. Matsumoto)
    7. Director of Evaluations (J. Boyd)
    8. Director-At-Large (J. Bernard)
  5. Assignor’s Reports:
    1. SCAC
    2. WINNIPEG 1
    3. PORTAGE
    4. BRANDON
    5. WMBA
    6. CABO/CBOC
    7. MBOA
    8. KPAC
  6. Financial Review (J. Pursaga)
    1. Review of Financial Statements
    2. Finance Committee Plan Update
    3. Independent Reviewer’s Report (J. Sontag)
    4. Approval of Financial Statements
  7. Appointment of the Independent Financial Reviewer for 2016-2017
  8. Notices of Motion
    1. Splitting of the Secretary/Treasurer Role (D. Morphy)
  9. Election of Officers (N. Gottfred, M. Maryk)
  10. Other
  11. Motion to Adjourn
Please note that these folders will be updated with additional information leading up to the AGM

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