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    Sunday, February 01, 2009

    FIBA Rule Interpretation: Undershirts

    The wearing of undergarments under the playing uniform has stirred some confusion in different areas of the country. The following is a clarification of the issue. One of the changes in the FIBA rules for 2008 was the deletion of the permission to wear a T-shirt under the game jersey when warranted by medical recommendation. Therefore, the wearing of a T-shirt specifically is no longer permissible under any circumstances according to the FIBA rules.  However, in many areas of Canada, at lower levels of play and especially when girls are involved in the game, uniforms sometimes are not properly fitted and may be a source of embarrassment. Canada Basketball and CABO have therefore established that the wearing of the T-shirt should not be forbidden at levels up to and including high school across the country.  At all levels of play, it is not illegal for a player to wear an undershirt of which only a small part is visible at the neckline of the jersey.
    Furthermore, the rule says that: “Undergarments that extend below the shorts may be worn provided they are of the same dominant colour as the shorts” (Article 4.3.1). The same may apply to body suits with tight-fitting long sleeves worn under the game jersey.

    For further clarification, a regular T-shirt is allowed at lower levels up to and including high school, so long as the t-shirt is the same dominant colour of the game jersey.  A regular T-shirt with sleeves exceeding the uniform is not allowed at levels higher than high school.  However, an undershirt with no sleeves showing is allowed not only at lower levels, but at higher levels as well, even if a small part is visible at the neckline (must be the same dominant colour of the game jersey).

    Cam Moskal
    MABO Provincial Interpreter


    Paul Deshaies
    CABO National Interpreter
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